Rainbow Resort

by Evilgrapez Music

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Heavily inspired by several other artists, a few of which are izioq, nanobii, Porter Robinson, and Kubbi, not to mention the Kirby series. <3

sorry i accidentally kept people waiting an entire year for another chipstep song


Rainbow Resort is something I've wanted to make for a long time. I had the main idea of it a while back, actually. After lots of procrastination, I finally started working on it and finished it just in time for Pixel Day. The tune was very much inspired by the Kirby series (if you couldn't tell by the name), like lots of my other songs were. If you didn't already know, Kirby is probably my favorite video game series.

Kirby's Adventure was the primary game that inspired this tune. That game holds a lot of memories for me (mostly the satisfaction of beating the final boss), but Rainbow Resort was my favorite world. There was something about all the pretty colors and the fact that it was the final world that kind of made it my favorite.

I'm going to stop obsessing over Kirby and instead talk about the track now.

It was pretty painful to make, actually. For the majority of the time, I had creator's block. That was fun. I was also rushed. That was also fun. And software failed on me a lot while writing this. That too was very fun.

Despite all that though I did enjoy working on it overall, and despite the fact that it was semi-rushed I still think it's probably one of my favorite songs I've made.

I have some more cool things coming (including more chiptune/chipstep), so stay tuned and stuff.

k dats all enjoy


released January 21, 2017