Yogurt Yard (Evilgrapez Remix)

by Hirokazu Ando

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So, in case you didn't know, this year's the 25th anniversary of my favorite video game series, video game character, one on my biggest inspirations, and my favorite puffball. Kirby!

I really wanted to do something special on the day of his anniversary, but it didn't work out. However, I did make this! Yogurt Yard's theme was always one of my favorites when I played Kirby's Adventure. It's just so darn catchy and happy. When I rediscovered it thanks to a certain channel with extremely high-quality rips, I knew I had to remix it. So I started working on it, and I spent about 24 hours on it (plus a few extra, more worrying hours because I thought the project file was corrupted) before finishing it and calling it a day (literally).

I personally really enjoy it, and I'm glad I got to release something summer-y this summer.

Also, in other, non-relevant news, I picked up my first bass guitar yesterday. Horray for me!

I'll see you guys around!


Yogurt Yard
Yogurt Yard
There's no yogurt here!


released July 10, 2017