Grape Garden (Evilgrapez Remix)

by Hirokazu Ando

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Just a tiny remix I made for fun, while I was sick.

I always thought of Grape Garden as a more slow and sweet-sounding tune, like Kirby's Return to Dreamland's version. I also thought it'd make a nice remix, so I made this.

Grape Garden's tune always reminded me of "Silver and Gold," from Rudolph. It has a similar sounding melody. Actually, I'm not sure why I mentioned it because it's not relevant to the remix at all. It's just been in my head for so long that I felt like getting it out. It drove me insane whenever I heard either of these songs because I keep thinking things, like "Hey, that's Silver and Gold!" or "Hey, that's Grape Garden!" So, yeah, that also drove me to write this remix. Now I wonder if I should classify it as a remix of Silver and Gold, too. Hmm.

Hope you like it!


released August 19, 2017